Seamless synergy: Unifying blockchains, DeFi, exchanges and custody solution in one fluid motion

Crypto Backoffice is for traders, investors, fund managers and corporates.
Automated data collection with direct connections to blockchains, DeFi, exchanges and custodians. Unified view to see all crypto activities in one place, gain control and clarity over the holdings. Focus on strategy and boost efficiency. With Crypto Backoffice transition into the world of efficiency and precision.

Mastering complexity in crypto transactions

Crypto Backoffice handles complex aspects of crypto transactions from airdrops, smart contracts, to farming and staking. Manage sophisticated accounting methods (LIFO, FIFO, HCFO, LCFO), fee structuring (tier rate or hurdle rate) and side-pocket accounting. All this and more, including managing wallet/exchange transfers.

Tax, audit, and beyond: Crypto reporting for
seamless compliance

Focus on trading, not taxes. Crypto Backoffice simplifies crypto reporting with multi decimal portfolio tracking. Regulatory reporting features and integrated tax tools generates K1s, tax filing data and financial statements with ease. Enjoy peace of mind with transparent transaction recording for audits. Trade with confidence and convenience.