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A comprehensive ledger-based solution redefining the crypto accounting landscape with accuracy, transparency, and compliance in the complex world of crypto finance.

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Seamless Synergy: Unifying Blockchains, DeFi, Exchanges and Custody Solution in One Fluid Motion

Our platform revolutionizes the way you handle digital asset data collection and accounting. With direct connections to Blockchains, DeFi, Exchanges and custodian, it automatically fetches data, removing the tedious task of manual data entry and providing a complete picture of your digital asset activity. This integration not only ensures accuracy but also saves your valuable time, allowing you to focus on the more critical aspects of your business. With Seamless, you're not just starting your digital asset accounting; you're transitioning into the world of efficiency and precision.

Mastering Complexity in Crypto Transactions

Our platform handles complex aspects of crypto transactions whether it is Airdrops, Smart Contract, Farming, Staking, Seamless handles it all. Including advanced fee structuring (Tier Rate or Hurdle Rate) and sophisticated accounting methods (LIFO, FIFO, HCFO, LCFO), while also highlighting its proficiency in managing wallet/exchange transfers and side pocket accounting.

Tax, Audit, and Beyond: Crypto Reporting for
Seamless Compliance

We provide multi-decimal reporting that lets you monitor your crypto portfolio with granular detail. We also help you stay compliant with ease with our regulatory reporting, which includes financial statements with footnotes, tax filing data for K1s. and reporting at fund, investor, and exchange level. You can simplify your tax season with our integrated tax reporting and generate data for tax filling/K1s. Moreover, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a transparent and traceable record of your crypto transactions, which are readily available for auditing purposes. With our platform, you can manage your digital assets with confidence and convenience.


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